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Plugin Name: WP Review
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Creator: MyThemeShop
Website: WordPress.org/WP-Review

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If you are running a website or blog, there is a good chance you may write a review of some sort at one point or another. Whether you are reviewing a new product or a new recipe it is important that you present your review in a clear and concise way.

In many cases, in an effort to keep visitors on your site, it is critical that you have a clear and concise summary of your review above the fold. If you can catch your reader’s eye as soon as they are on your page they are much more likely to stay and actually read the rest of your post.

One really great way to do this is to provide a really easy to understand visual representation of your review. This way, even if your visitors don’t read your entire post, they are still getting valuable information from your content.

So how does one go about doing this? You can either spend a lot of time doing this manually, or you can simplify the process by using a WordPress plugin such as WP Review from MyThemeShop.


Why Should I Use The WP Review Plugin?

Let’s first have a look at how using the WP Review plugin will vastly improve the user experience for all of your visitors. Secondly, we will take a look at some of the behind the scenes aspects of the plugin and how it will make your life much easier.


For Your Visitors

WP Review does a very good job at presenting a large amount of data in a very aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand manner. In fact, it allows you to place four different pieces of information in front of your visitors all above the fold:

  • WP Review Plugin – A Simple And Easy Plugin To Create Beautiful Review Posts - Four SectionsBar Graphs of Ratings (1)
  • Summary Information (2)
  • Overall Rating (3)
  • User Rating Area (4)

The WP Review also allows you to choose the rating system that would be best suited for your particular post. You are able to select from a points system, star system, or percentages. (Click on the links to see an example of each)

I have put a lot of emphasize on the fact that WP Review allows you to put a large of information above the fold; but it can also be easily posted at the end of your post or anywhere in-between using the built in shortcode.

User interaction is also created by using WP Review as you can choose to allow your visitors to give their very own ratings of the product you are reviewing (section #4 in image above). Their ratings will then be recorded and displayed to all future visitors.

This plugin is also super customizable so it can be made to match your existing aesthetics and is completely responsive and will fluidly adapt to any size screen.

WP Review is designed with the absolute minimum amount of code, and can be fully integrated with any caching plugins to prevent it from having any impact on your site’s speed. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with any of MyThemeShop’s own themes.


Behind The Scenes
WP Review Plugin – A Simple And Easy Plugin To Create Beautiful Review Posts - WordPress Dashboard View

Click to see enlarged image of WP Review's dashboard options.

This plugin was designed not only to be good to look at, but also super easy to use by you and me. Using WP Review in the dashboard is very straightforward. It is quite simple to completely customize the visual and textual content of the plugin as well as utilize all of the plugin’s extra features.

If you are a developer you are in luck because WP Review is definitely developer friendly. While the plugin was specifically designed for MyThemeShop’s themes, they have decided to make it available to use with any theme. In addition, everything within the plugin is easily modifiable if you have a basic understanding of CSS.

MyThemeShop traditionally provides excellent support for all of their products including the WP Review plugin. Their support is primarily given through their self-hosted forum. It is free to register for this forum and upon registering you will be given access their complete selection of plugins as well as 18 free themes.


Where can I Download WP Review?

You can download WP Review from your WordPress dashboard, WordPress.org or from MyThemeShop directly.


Final Thoughts

As you can see from the fact that I am utilizing WP Review for this very post, I think this is a great plugin! It is both easy to use and easy to look at. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is planning on writing any type of reviews on their website or blog as it greatly enhances the overall legitimacy of any review.

Do you use, or have you used, WP Review on your website? What are your personal experiences using the plugin? If not, are there any similar plugins that you utilize and would like to recommend (or not recommend)? Also, if you have any other questions or comments, please drop me a comment below!



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